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  • CARE FOR YOUR HAIR:Easily glide through thin to thick hair and detangle knots with ease ,while the boar bristles help distributing natural oil evenly to prevent hair breakage, seal in split ends and reduce frizzy.Daily use for improving hair texture and obtaining healthier,smoother softer and shinier hair.
  • PORTER OF NATURAL POWER:The natural oil which your scalp secrete everyday is the best and most effective natural conditioner.The scale structure of boar bristles is most similar to human hair that can help to spread hair natural oil from the scalp to the tail of hair, heal dry and frivolous hair while removing excess oil to say goodbye to greasy head.
  • CRAFTS of MIXED PRODUCTION: Natural boar bristles can easily remove the dust on the hair, oil ,dandruff and dirt on the scalp, dredge hair cells to avoid blockage.The nylon bristles help to glide through any hair type combing out tangles effortlessly, massages and stimulates your scalp safely, and promotes increased blood flow circulation that may help improve hair growth.
  • HAIR BRUSH CLEANER: It comes with a hair brush cleaner which can help to remove excess hair, dust, fluff and dandruff from the boar bristle brush safely to exten the longevity of your hair brush and retain its nourishing effect.Custom-made Hair brush cleaner tool is great for cleaning any size and shape hairbrush or comb .
  • ESCORT FOR YOUR SILKY LOCKS: Indulge your hair to a smooth treatment with the best brush you’ve ever used which suitable for kinds of hair types.If you’re not impressed,we confidently refund or replace all Bsisme hair brushes within 60-Day, no matter the reason. The best beauty gift works for men, women, and kids with no pain no more tangle on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day!



boar bristle hair brush bamboo hair brush detangler brush
Hair Brush Set Oval Hair Brush Detangler Brush
Your Pay 9.99 Prime7.99-10%COUPON 9.9-30%COUPON
Size of Brush L:W=9.5*3.2IN L:W=8.8*2.8IN L:W=8.6*2.8IN
Handle Material Beech Wood Natural Bamboo Maple Wood
Suit Hair Type Thick Long Curly Thin Fine Normal Wet Dry All Hair
Be Used to Detangling/Smooth/Massage Detangling/Smooth/Massage Blow-Dry/Detangling

Wake Up Your Hair——Start Distinctive Approach To Hair Care From Bsisme.

hair brush

Bsisme comes from Best style is me—-Bsisme’s mantra is “style to your hair”

Boar Mixed Nylon Bristles Hair Brush for Detangling Massaging Shining

A magical hair brush with THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS

  • The longer,stiffer but flexible ball-tip nylon pins easily get through long thick wet or dry tangles hair painless,while give your scalp a ‘SPA’ massage to relax muscles,stimulate blood circulation and help to promote hair growth.
  • The shorter but bushy natural boar bristles surrounded along every nylon pin evenly distribute scalp secreted oils from roots to tips to heal dry straw hair,while inspire and restore your natural hair shine and texture.
boar bristle hair brush

2300 reviews for Bsisme Hair Brush-Boar Bristle Brush

  1. Savannah Mitchell

    This brush is amazing, I love it so much and I love that it doesn’t pull my hair.

  2. Calie Schmidt

    Feels very nice and sturdy, not at all flimsy like the regular brushes at the store. Also, it is large but not too wide, so it’s easy to hold. As a bonus, I love the pretty rose design on the back.

  3. Ranya Aboras

    Its great I think its proper for my hair in that I am mixed and brushes are not all created equal.

  4. Patricia Bochert

    Very sturdy hair brush that wont break if someone drops it.

  5. Nora sanchez

    I really loved my brush. I have long hair and it worked great when brushing my hair.

  6. Allison coniglio

    So far I like it. It seems to be very good quality, and works well. I also like that i got a free scrunchie.

  7. Melissa Hargrave

    I am very impressed by the brush! It is beautiful and well made, and it makes my hair noticeably soft!

  8. Lucy m Jones

    I’ve just try this product and I love it ….works better then any other brush I’ve used and like that is good Quality ❣️Definitely will order again great idea for gifts.

  9. Danielle Allen

    I love the cleaning brush. I wish the bristles on the hairbrush were a bit softer and curved to match the shape of the head. Good brush overall

  10. Jasdeep Bhullar

    It’s really soft and looks exactly as it is described on the website. I am very happy with my purchase

  11. Lawanda Elkins

    This is the first brush I have found that glides through my hair with ease. I have very thick long hair and it doesn’t snag at all with the brush

  12. Theresa Johnson

    I love the look of the brush. Sleek design, love the design of the bristles and all the extra surprises qith the order.

  13. Amber Rolland

    This brush is great! Cuts down drastically on frizz, and goes through my hip length hair so well! The cleaninf brush that comes with it, is a life savor too! No bristles came out of the actual brush, even with my hair being so knotty! The details on the brush are super cute too! Love that its wood, cuts down on plastic waste. Even works great on my daughters long, thick hair!

  14. Claire Nichols

    The only complaint is that it has no give so it pulls out hair easily.

  15. Liz Immanivong

    I loved yalls packaging and the brush is very sturdy!

  16. Deanna E Carder

    I just got my new hair brush today and showed a friend and now she wants one as well. I love the way it feels when I run it through my hair. I plan on recommending this to all my friends with long hair.

  17. Carly Cook

    I love that it comes with extras

  18. Melissa Danaher

    It detangles without breakage and the handle is solid so I don’t have to worry about it breaking.

  19. Alyson Bond

    The comb is great. It’s randomly perfect for my girls’ dolls’ hair. I love the brush. It de tangles really well and I think my hair will be healthier from using it.

  20. Cameron McMicken

    I bought this brush for the one piece construction. I have thick hair and have broken several plastic handled brushes. This seems like it will hold up better and goes through my hair nicely.

  21. Jayne Haddon Swan

    Boar Bristle Hair Brushes are the best!

  22. Cinda Simmons

    It’s well made and works well on my fine hair.

  23. Amy Harrington

    These are great quality products! A friend showed me these brushes and I’m glad I made a purchase.

  24. Katelyn Shoemaker

    The design of the brush and type of bristles for my hair type are incredible. The brush works beautifully with my curly hair as well as my straightened hair.

  25. Frances Rodriguez

    Es agradable usarlo, se siente como una caricia, no ala ni parte el cabello.

  26. Valeria C Wicker

    I’d like the gift so I can share the product with more people, and I’m starting to blog about hair products.

  27. Megan Calhoun

    If seems like good quality and I can’t wait to try it out!

  28. ashley davidson

    Love the design and boar bristles!

  29. Liz Larsen

    This product is durable and absolutely amazing! I’m excited to be using it!

  30. Lissette Gallardo

    Well designed. Leaves my cutly hair detangled and soft.

  31. Marla Holland

    I am hair training and bought this instead of L’ange version. They look the same.

  32. Adriana Milena Nino Esparza

    it is a very good product, smooth and easy to use

  33. Mercedes Akers

    It’s been great so far. I have fine hair and it can get knots easily. This didn’t hurt when brushing and left my hair with a nice shine!

  34. Fatima Lamkadem

    First of all I love the design. Brushing with the new brush has caused less hair to fall and less hair strain! Definitely has helped going through my frizzy hair.

  35. Ana Srbovska

    I love the brush, not hard on my hair and very gentle to use.

  36. Kacy Carter

    I recently ordered another brush and comb and I love all the products.I will 10/10 recommended to friends and family!

  37. Bree Belcher

    Love it so far! I’ve used it for a week and so far easy to detangle my hair!

  38. Briana Carmona

    This brush is perfect for my thick hair. After using it for a couple of days the quality and design of this product exceeds my expectations. It has improved my hair texture and makes it easier to brush through.

  39. Amber Taylor

    I love the design and am excited to see how it helps my hair

  40. Volodymyr

    I like the quality and design of the product.

  41. Ashley Hunt

    I love the fact that it came with a small comb, brush puck to clean your brush and a nice looking brush.

  42. Kimela Hazelrig

    Love the way it smooths my frizzy hair

  43. Victoria M Wilson

    This is the first brush that glides through my hair after only a few uses my hair is shiny and smooth!!!! Perfection

  44. Jenn Gerber

    So far it seems very nice! I like the shape of the brush, and it was really nice that it came with the hair-removing tool. That’s very handy, and I am sure I will use it. The brush seems solid and not like the bristles will pull out of the brush (that’s what happened to my last brush). The design on the back is a nice touch, for sure.

  45. Danielle Sgranfetto

    I love the bristle brush, not only is it great for my hair, but also for my daughter’s hair as well. The designs on the brush and comb are really pretty, which I wasn’t expecting to get with a brush, but is very appreciated!

  46. Christina Berrier

    I love the combination detangler and boar bristle! My hair feels great!

  47. Andrea Gonzalez

    I love the boar bristles and it doesn’t leave me hair so frizzy after I use it. I have really thick hair and this brush helps calm it down.

  48. Gloria V Munoz

    Its very nice i loved it right off the bat. Felt nice for my curly hair especially since it tangles easily.

  49. Virginia Matter

    From right out of the box this brush is amazing. It is a really beautiful and exquisite looking brush.
    I have super long, fine, curly hair(really wavy long).
    This brush went right through my hair without any issues. Detangled a couple tangles without the dreaded “pull” my other brushes have had.
    The little comb that came with it, I read a seller comment that it was a beard come… ummm I don’t have a beard, so if no use to me.
    The cleaning brush I am trying to figure out how to correctly use, but the quality of this hairbrush just seems mind blowing. I love it so far!!

  50. Jennifer Wilkins

    It feels great going through my hair, and on my scalp. It already seems shinier. I love it!

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