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  • CARE FOR YOUR HAIR:Easily glide through thin to thick hair and detangle knots with ease ,while the boar bristles help distributing natural oil evenly to prevent hair breakage, seal in split ends and reduce frizzy.Daily use for improving hair texture and obtaining healthier,smoother softer and shinier hair.
  • PORTER OF NATURAL POWER:The natural oil which your scalp secrete everyday is the best and most effective natural conditioner.The scale structure of boar bristles is most similar to human hair that can help to spread hair natural oil from the scalp to the tail of hair, heal dry and frivolous hair while removing excess oil to say goodbye to greasy head.
  • CRAFTS of MIXED PRODUCTION: Natural boar bristles can easily remove the dust on the hair, oil ,dandruff and dirt on the scalp, dredge hair cells to avoid blockage.The nylon bristles help to glide through any hair type combing out tangles effortlessly, massages and stimulates your scalp safely, and promotes increased blood flow circulation that may help improve hair growth.
  • HAIR BRUSH CLEANER: It comes with a hair brush cleaner which can help to remove excess hair, dust, fluff and dandruff from the boar bristle brush safely to exten the longevity of your hair brush and retain its nourishing effect.Custom-made Hair brush cleaner tool is great for cleaning any size and shape hairbrush or comb .
  • ESCORT FOR YOUR SILKY LOCKS: Indulge your hair to a smooth treatment with the best brush you’ve ever used which suitable for kinds of hair types.If you’re not impressed,we confidently refund or replace all Bsisme hair brushes within 60-Day, no matter the reason. The best beauty gift works for men, women, and kids with no pain no more tangle on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day!



boar bristle hair brush bamboo hair brush detangler brush
Hair Brush Set Oval Hair Brush Detangler Brush
Your Pay 9.99 Prime7.99-10%COUPON 9.9-30%COUPON
Size of Brush L:W=9.5*3.2IN L:W=8.8*2.8IN L:W=8.6*2.8IN
Handle Material Beech Wood Natural Bamboo Maple Wood
Suit Hair Type Thick Long Curly Thin Fine Normal Wet Dry All Hair
Be Used to Detangling/Smooth/Massage Detangling/Smooth/Massage Blow-Dry/Detangling

Wake Up Your Hair——Start Distinctive Approach To Hair Care From Bsisme.

hair brush

Bsisme comes from Best style is me—-Bsisme’s mantra is “style to your hair”

Boar Mixed Nylon Bristles Hair Brush for Detangling Massaging Shining

A magical hair brush with THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS

  • The longer,stiffer but flexible ball-tip nylon pins easily get through long thick wet or dry tangles hair painless,while give your scalp a ‘SPA’ massage to relax muscles,stimulate blood circulation and help to promote hair growth.
  • The shorter but bushy natural boar bristles surrounded along every nylon pin evenly distribute scalp secreted oils from roots to tips to heal dry straw hair,while inspire and restore your natural hair shine and texture.
boar bristle hair brush

2300 reviews for Bsisme Hair Brush-Boar Bristle Brush

  1. Laurie Fernandes

    I bought this brush for my daughter and I truly love it. It has been the first brush that has not caused her pain. I definitely will be using this daily

  2. Beatrice Andrade

    I love the feel of it on my scalp

  3. Janelle Palenapa

    It’s a nicely made brush. I like it a lot!

  4. Diena Pena

    I love how it goes through the hair and doesn’t tear the hair out, but also takes care of tangles gently! I love it, great product 🥰

  5. Aubrey Somerville

    I have fine hair so I got this brush to help with oil and frizz control. I’ve only used it a few days so I hope it helps tame my mane!

  6. Autymn Dalton

    I’ve never had a hairbrush that glides through my hair until now!!!

  7. Melissa Osborne

    Love this brush I tried using the wet brushes but the bristles kept going in. This brush make my hair soft and so shiny!

  8. John M Donat

    This brush is super cute and runs right through mine and my families hair!

  9. Helen Williams

    I really like the small comb that came with the brush. It broke this week but I am unable to find it on your site to order a replacement.

  10. Lauren L Schalburg

    My hairdresser suggested this to me. I’ve never used boar bristle before. I’m excited to see the difference it will make!

  11. Heidi Guiyab

    Love the design and how it brushes my hair great

  12. Shandi Reeves

    solid one piece brush, easy to get through tangles

  13. Bhavana

    I like natural products. Bristles were not strong

  14. Scott McQuiston

    Love it.
    Fabulous product. Totally great. Use it all the time

  15. Maria Maciel

    Really good brush . When I brush my hair hardly any hair comes off. My brush is almost hairless when I’m done brushing my hair ,

  16. Keila Vides

    Me gusta mucho el cepillo, funciona bien en pelo liso y rizado.

  17. Cathy gallo

    Love how silky my hair feels. The brush was so gentle when I used it on my granddaughter’s long hair. Love love love.

  18. Lisa Streeton

    I like the feel that it leave my hair.

  19. Nicole Phillips

    This brush goes through my hair so smoothly!

  20. Dana Jackson

    I like the wood handle design and its seems to be a quality product so far.

  21. Becca Pedersen

    I love that this brush helps distribute your scalps natural oils throughout your hair. It also helps with frizziness and it’s great with detangling.

  22. frank Gonzalez

    It was an awesome product and l8ved up to the customer reviews.

  23. Julia

    Just got it. So far I like it….my kids seem to like it…its very pretty.

  24. Allison Whelan

    It’s a decent brush set but I won’t be sharing it with anyone as that’s unsanitary. I have shared the link with others to purchase their own.

  25. Asha Panduranga

    I got the brush today and I tried it out. I really liked it. The brush did a great job detailing my hair. It leaves my hair feeling smooth. It does a great job running through thick hair.

  26. Vera Kasevich

    My hair is long and thick. I love my new brush and from appearance point of view wooden holder looks very nice. But practically I would better enjoy black or dark brown color so stains from my colored hair would not be imprinted on a brush wooden light color

  27. Jeri Gagon

    I just received this brush and I’m excited to use it and hope I love it!

  28. Juanita Vernon

    This was given to me as a gift, and i love the smoothness of the product and the ease of use.

  29. jamie riley

    Love the scrunchy!!!! It was a nice surprise 😊

  30. Jett Faul

    This product is gentle on the scalp and hair. This brush helps to detangle hair and makes the hair very shiny after brushing. I recommend this brush for various hair types.

  31. Pasaporn Laoamornmit

    I love it! It makes my hair soft and shiny. I feel relax when I use it, like I massage my scalp and brush my hair in the same time. Thank you for making an awesome product!

  32. Cheryl Hatcher

    I love this brush! It glides through my paper thin hair flawlessly!

  33. J M Welford

    Just want more time to use so far I like it no issues Thanks

  34. Sara willingham

    It brushes out tangles. I have extremely thick hair and works perfectly.

  35. Tamahara Hansen

    I love it! I love that it came with a wide tooth comb. I was told these brushes are best for your hair and I’m trying to regain healthy hair!

  36. Muna Abuhamdan

    Good product, works as described,nice design.

  37. alexis jackson

    Excellent Brush so far. I like the natural wood design

  38. TTheuriet

    Bought for my daughter, who refuses to cut her long, thin hair but also refuses to keep it properly brushed. Within minutes of trying this brush, she was amazed. 10 minutes later, she was a different girl. No more budding dreadlocks, no more complaints about the WetBrush not working properly. MAHALO for this awesome product!

  39. Nicole Harper

    I just received it – so far so good. I was looking for a better brush for my fine oily hair and I think it will be great.

  40. Cynthia Bartlett

    I brush my hair and it is so nice and smooth

  41. Leticia Olvera

    Nice brush and love the hair scrunchie

  42. Sky Jarman

    Ots great quality and beautiful

  43. Belen Cruz

    It looks durable and I hope the bristles do not fall.

  44. Dawn Ames

    Love the combination of the pins and boar bristles. My hari is still light and manageable while helping natural oils reach further. The brush feels good on my scalp as well.

  45. Keiry Portillo

    So far I have not have any problems with the product. It looks nice and I like it how it feels when I brush my hair

  46. Michelle Zietlow

    I really love this brush I always have a lot of snarls in my hair and this brush works so well thanks so much!!

  47. Zandra Miller

    It’s a really nice brush and the design is beautiful

  48. Jessica Hernandez

    Absolutely love this product. My daughter’s and I have very heavy curly hair and this combs through it so gently and quickly

  49. Maddie Deo

    I have extremely long and thick hair. I struggle with it getting tangled through the day and is quite frizzy. With this hairbrush I have noticed a big difference!!! Hardly ever tingly and frizzy for the day now!!

  50. Renee Cannella

    It feels great and it’s pretty as well.

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