Bsisme Hair Brush-Boar with Nylon Pins

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  • CARE FOR YOUR HAIR: Using the boar bristle hairbrush creates healthy, shiny hair and will help to prevent hair breakage, seal in split ends and reduce frizz easily.Daily used to obtaining healthier,smoother and softer hair.Best for smoothing hair prior to styling.
  • NATURAL CONDITIONER: Pure natural boar bristle brush is a natural conditioner.The scale structure of boar bristles is most similar to human hair that help to spread hair oil from the scalp to the tail of hair, heal dry and frivolous hair while removing excess oil, keep hair looking shiny and improve hair texture.
  • CRAFTS of MIXED PRODUCTION: Natural boar bristles can easily remove the dust on the hair, oil ,dandruff and dirt on the scalp, dredge hair cells to avoid blockage.The nylon bristles help to glide through any hair type combing out tangles effortlessly, massages and stimulates your scalp safely, and promotes increased blood flow circulation that may help improve hair growth.
  • HAIR BRUSH CLEANER: It comes with a hair brush cleaner which can help to remove excess hair, dust, fluff and dandruff from the brush safely to exten the longevity of your brush and retain its nourishing effect.Custom-made Hair brush cleaner tool is great for cleaning any hairbrush size or shape.
  • SATISFIED COMMITMENT: Indulge your hair to a smooth treat, with the best brush you’ve ever used which suitable for kinds of hair types: Wet or dry, thick or thin, straight or curly. It works for men, women, and kids with no pain.It is the perfect GIFT SETS for mother, sisters, female friends and clients on Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Thanksgiving or Christmas.


Bsisme comes from Best smile is me !

  • Bsisme committe to provide high-quality hair brushes for you who love healthy smoothy hair,and adds a touch of elegance to your vanity set. Beech handle brings you a more beautiful fantastic experience,and comfortable grip sensation. The unique carved rose on the back of the hair brush,Only for extraordinary you—-a embodiment of love and beauty.
  • Our hair brushes adhere to the concept of environmental protection from raw materials to production process and final packaging. The handle of the hair brush is pure natural wood, and the brush bristle is a unique configuration combo of natural boar bristles (what are cutted from live pig, which is not harmful to the pig) and environmental nylon pins.
  • In order to better protect the environment, we even reduced the inner packaging of our hair brushes and all accessories and giveaways, so our hair brush has only one paper gift box which enough to represent love and beauty.
hair brush
boar bristle hairbrush

hair brush cleaner

beauty gift

hair brush set

Aim to clean your hair brush or comb

  1. Remove gently excess matted hair with hand or a comb or our complimentary brush cleaner tool .
  2. Wet the bristles, and then rub a few drops of gentle shampoo into the bristles and around the brush head.
  3. Scrub the bristles with the brush cleaner toolto remove product residue and oils.Please avoid foam splashing into your eyes.
  4. Rinse the foam off the brushes thoroughly,and squeeze out any water that may be left in the airbag.
  5. Finally, wipe dry water droplets with a towel and allow hair brush to air dry bristle-side-down.

Please apply a small amount of olive oil or furniture wax to keep the handle naturally smooth after wash,if it ‘s available.

The Perfect Beauty Gift set!!!!

Bsisme hair brush is the best GIFT SET for your lover on Valentine’s Day, mother on Mother’s Day, Father on Father’s Day,or friends,clients on Thanksgiving Day ,Christmas Day,Birthday or other special occasion. Reasons to choose the brush:

  • Reduce frizz, dry& split ends
  • Adding natural shine
  • Remove dandruff & excess oil
  • Detangling knots with ease
  • Massage scalp gently
  • Distribute scalp oil evenly
  • Promote hair growth healthier

Additional Notes on Bsisme

Package Include:

  • 1 X Boar Bristle Hair Brush
  • 1 X Hair Brush Cleaner Tool
  • 1 X Additional Mystery Gift
  • 1 X Gift Packaging Box

Maintenance Instructions:

  1. Avoid direct sunlight to avoid cracking and aging of hair brush
  2. Avoid prolonged use in wet environments or immersied in water.
  3. Avoid scratching with hard objects, so as not to cause surface scratching, affecting the appearance

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    best suited article

  2. Krystal Porter

    I love this brush! It gets out all of my tangles, smooths my hair, decreases my frizz, and feels super good on my scalp. I would brush my hair all day if I could!! It feels that good!

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