Bsisme Hair Brush-Boar Bristle Brush

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  • CARE FOR YOUR HAIR:Easily glide through thin to thick hair and detangle knots with ease ,while the boar bristles help distributing natural oil evenly to prevent hair breakage, seal in split ends and reduce frizzy.Daily use for improving hair texture and obtaining healthier,smoother softer and shinier hair.
  • PORTER OF NATURAL POWER:The natural oil which your scalp secrete everyday is the best and most effective natural conditioner.The scale structure of boar bristles is most similar to human hair that can help to spread hair natural oil from the scalp to the tail of hair, heal dry and frivolous hair while removing excess oil to say goodbye to greasy head.
  • CRAFTS of MIXED PRODUCTION: Natural boar bristles can easily remove the dust on the hair, oil ,dandruff and dirt on the scalp, dredge hair cells to avoid blockage.The nylon bristles help to glide through any hair type combing out tangles effortlessly, massages and stimulates your scalp safely, and promotes increased blood flow circulation that may help improve hair growth.
  • HAIR BRUSH CLEANER: It comes with a hair brush cleaner which can help to remove excess hair, dust, fluff and dandruff from the boar bristle brush safely to exten the longevity of your hair brush and retain its nourishing effect.Custom-made Hair brush cleaner tool is great for cleaning any size and shape hairbrush or comb .
  • ESCORT FOR YOUR SILKY LOCKS: Indulge your hair to a smooth treatment with the best brush you’ve ever used which suitable for kinds of hair types.If you’re not impressed,we confidently refund or replace all Bsisme hair brushes within 60-Day, no matter the reason. The best beauty gift works for men, women, and kids with no pain no more tangle on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day!



boar bristle hair brush bamboo hair brush detangler brush
Hair Brush Set Oval Hair Brush Detangler Brush
Your Pay 9.99 Prime7.99-10%COUPON 9.9-30%COUPON
Size of Brush L:W=9.5*3.2IN L:W=8.8*2.8IN L:W=8.6*2.8IN
Handle Material Beech Wood Natural Bamboo Maple Wood
Suit Hair Type Thick Long Curly Thin Fine Normal Wet Dry All Hair
Be Used to Detangling/Smooth/Massage Detangling/Smooth/Massage Blow-Dry/Detangling

Wake Up Your Hair——Start Distinctive Approach To Hair Care From Bsisme.

hair brush

Bsisme comes from Best style is me—-Bsisme’s mantra is “style to your hair”

Boar Mixed Nylon Bristles Hair Brush for Detangling Massaging Shining

A magical hair brush with THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS

  • The longer,stiffer but flexible ball-tip nylon pins easily get through long thick wet or dry tangles hair painless,while give your scalp a ‘SPA’ massage to relax muscles,stimulate blood circulation and help to promote hair growth.
  • The shorter but bushy natural boar bristles surrounded along every nylon pin evenly distribute scalp secreted oils from roots to tips to heal dry straw hair,while inspire and restore your natural hair shine and texture.
boar bristle hair brush

2300 reviews for Bsisme Hair Brush-Boar Bristle Brush

  1. Jessica Cordero

    The brush is very soft and gentle on the hair and scalp, especially with thick hair that gets tangled very easily. This done a great job of detangling while not causing pain.

  2. Tanya Russell

    Feel good on my head.

  3. Josua Schuh

    This is the best brush I’ve ever used on my hair!

  4. Rikki Balster

    Packaging was lovely, the rose on the back of brush is pretty. And i like how the company showed loved and gave me a wide tooth comb and a scrunchie.

  5. Jennifer Gray

    It’s pretty but it tangles my hair more

  6. Patricia Ajac

    Love it so far!

  7. Avery Gutierrez

    When I use regular brushes my hair tends to fall out and make a mess but with this one my hair still falls out but it’s stays with in the brush and that’s what I love about it

  8. Naomi Crane

    Love this Brush it works great. I recommended it to my mother!

  9. Janice Jones

    I love it but I dont share hair brushes with other people. I will let friends know about it

  10. uma annareddy

    its nice and soft brush to smoothen the frizzy hair

  11. Larae Coley

    As a biracial woman with hair that’s both thin and curly finding the perfect brush has been what seems a lifelong mission. I had long resigned myself to the use of TWO brushes, one for detangling the other for actual brushing, for my much worn ponytails, up do’s, buns, or anything requiring the semblance of sleekness. My daughter a typical teen who spends way too much time shopping especially via Amazon, once again, happened upon an ad for this Bsisme brush and told me I should try it as she’d seen nothing but great reviews(I have always pushed a “read the reviews” before purchase mentality) about it. I had heard it all before but with trepidation aside decided to take a look struck right away by the fact I’d never seen a brush designed for duality in this manner and it’s absolutely beautiful appearance. After reading reviews via Amazon, the product site, and scouring the random internet reviews(due diligence is a necessity) I was once again struck by the fact I didn’t come across ONE negative product review so I decided to give it a try. The hairbrush although I hesitate to to simply define it this way as it’s so much more, has changed my life. I know that sounds dramatic but describing it any other way wouldn’t adequately convey my amazement at not only the beautiful craftsmanship BUT the also what this product is able to achieve. A detangling hairbrush which literally feels like a scalp massage without the harshness and normal detangling process, generally required, that can be hard on both hair and scalp. One can only wonder what took the industry so long yet also thank Bsisme for being such innovators. It is with EVERY penny! Where have you been all my life? Gone are the TWO brushes replaced by this ONE and both I, and my scalp, thank you!

  12. Arianna

    I love it easy to use and the hair looks beautiful 😍

  13. Sarah Walter

    I really love this product- my hair is curly and difficult to brush, but this works so well.

  14. Ashley Nazario

    I think its a tight pull on my hair but it made it so slick and shiny after my shower

  15. Jeanne Chrisanthopoulos

    The hair brush is made of beautiful wood and packaged nicely! Came with a surprise scrunch!!! excited to use it

  16. Shobhna Kurre

    This is a great product. Take care of my hair .

  17. Emily Rodrigue

    Not a bad brush for detangling hair

  18. Krestena sahyoun

    It’s cutting the hair I need work lightly and slowly for keeping my hair not cutting l don’t need to return the product because I used it and it’s a personal use

  19. Kristine Nakamoto

    Seems to be a good brush.

  20. Amber Williams

    It works great so far, I love it

  21. Grace Pontillo

    Unboxed my new brush and immediately started brushing my oily hair, the brush instantly started pulling my oil’s through my hair and bringing it my ends and giving my hair a fresh, healthy shine instead of a greasy unwashed look. From first use, I am in love with my new brush!!

  22. Karen Noble

    Great product and awesome company. I really like the style of the brush and it makes my hair very soft.

  23. Judy Rhodes

    The brush is so nice and really helps fluff my hair.

  24. Mandy Rivera

    I have very thick curly hair and struggle to brush it without pulling and hurting my hair. This brush is by far the best one I have found. What used to take 20+minutes to brush now takes less than 7 minutes.

  25. Nvard Khachatryan

    I just got it. No complaints so far.

  26. Kylie Brown

    When I tried it for the first time it was incredible and I loved how it made my hair look and feel.

  27. Jamie Northup

    This product is very nice- great quality for a small price!

  28. Jennifer R Sian

    Love the design and how easily it detangles my hair. I let my sister try it and she has very straight hair and it transformed her hair completely!! It looked silky and smooth without any product.

  29. Crystal Bahr

    I like the design and it is built well.

  30. Casey Mendoza

    The brush is great. I was worried it wouldn’t be strong enough to properly brush through my hair. However, that was not a problem at all and it feels good on my scalp.


    IDK if I understand your last question. It’s a brush so I do not plan to share it with anyone.

  32. Joyce Jeong

    I love the bristles in the brush because it distributes the oils super well! Also I really wanted a firm brush that doesn’t break easily. Also the free goodies were so sweet!

  33. Angela Webb

    It gets through my thick hair with ripping it out. Detangles painlessly.

  34. Christopher Bare

    I bought it for my daughter who has a super long hair. Her hair is not only long but also so fine that easy to get tangled. I spend at least 10 minutes to brush her hair every morning. This brush has changed my life! It’s easy to brush and to untangle her hair. Her hair looks healthier and shinier after brushing. I’m very happy with this product.

  35. Elle West

    Great quality materials. Seems strong. I have a lot of long hair and I need something that wont snap. Plus I needed a bigger brush with boar bristles.

  36. Tushar Gupta

    Good hair brush.

  37. Sam slaymaker

    I love this brush so so so much, I have really thick curly hair an I’ve always had problems finding brushes that won’t break when I brushing my hair but I’m so happy to say that I love this brush it slides right thru my hair with no issues.. I’m completely in love an I will definitely buy more.

  38. Judith Marquez

    I have only used it twice but it glides through my hair so effortlessly

  39. Donna Bills

    I have let my hair grow out but have been spending too much time detangling it. The combination of bristles in this brush is perfect. Detangling without frizz and breakage! Love the shine.

  40. karen llano

    I love how easy it detangles my hair, it is also very cute., I love the color

  41. natasha troxel

    I love your brush it works really good for me

  42. michelle cook

    Live this brush. It doesn’t pull and feels great on my scalp

  43. Cary Buss

    So far its been a lit easier to get thru my hair after my showers

  44. My Name

    Thank YOO, because I like your product
    Thank YOO, because I like your product
    Thank YOO, because I like your product
    Thank YOO, because I like your product
    Thank YOO, because I like your product

  45. Lucero Chavez

    I love this hairbrush even my little sisters love it and don’t cry when I brush their hair. This is also my second time purchasing this hairbrush and will continue to do so. Great quality

  46. Ked Rafael

    I like the design of the brush and the way it brushes my hair.

  47. Rubí-Sabel Salva

    Hair feels soft after each brush.

  48. April A. Pace

    Love the brush!! Smooths my hair really well..

  49. Abby Pettitt

    Very comfortable and great design

  50. Tenika Trotter

    Detangles hair with a breeze. Love the quality of the product! Even came with a free wide tooth comb and scrunchy.

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